A Complementary (non-drug) Approach to Insomnia Management

What primary services are offered to help reduce or eliminate Insomnia?

Creation Healing and IHT~Way Quantum mind coaching

What are some short or long-term effects of insomnia?

-Cardiovascular disease
-Type 2 Diabetes

Will Creation Healing Work for me?

-There is often an emotion or trauma underlying Insomnia that impacts the mind and body negatively, Creation Healing helps restore balance to any energetic disturbances that are present in the mind and body.

-Creation Healing works on the energy centers of the body. Just like a vehicle can get out of alignment, so too can your energy centers. Creation Healing rebalances and restores.

-Creation Healing is a powerful supplement to the other therapies you might have in place.

Will IHT~Way coaching work for me?

-This work puts you in contact with your subconscious mind which plays a large role in your life experience. The IHT~Way makes it so that you can consciously make the changes you desire to your subconscious mind.

For example, lets say you feel you're losing sleep over XYZ, You can change how you react to this issue in your mind and find peace instead of angst surrounding the issue.

-The techniques are easy to apply, portable, and place you in your power.

What can I expect after a session?

Just to name a few:
-Deep Sleep
-Relief from negative emotions
-Enhanced Energy

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