Robert's Journey to Serving You 

Robert graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise science. He has always had a strong appreciation for science and physiology. It was this passion for physiology merged with the desire to help others heal that led him to furthering his studies through entering pharmacy school. Robert received a Doctorate of pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Health Sciences in 2013.

After a major life event/change in 2016, Robert had a massive spiritual awakening. In 2017, Robert started along a new path of study with Shaman/Spiritual leader Aneeahseah that introduced him to natural healing options such as nutrition (food as medicine), essential oils, supplements, meditation, and much more. He found these methods of healing and spiritual practices to bring so much transformation, vitality, and joy into his life that he decided to engage in further studies with Aneeahseah.

In January of 2018, after a profound personal experience as the recipient of Creation Healing, he committed himself to study spiritual healing and was ordained in the first ever class of Creation Healing, The Soul’s Supreme Flight. With tenderness, compassion, and peace, Robert works with others through utilization of Creation Healing on their healing needs and goals be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  

Robert's Mission is to be a dedicated Heart Centered Healer and Leader, guiding people to successfully master their own minds through self empowered freedom, leading to their most remarkable life.

Now about my Master Teacher, the Founder & Creator of my Wellness Art & Coaching program, Adalayah of The Invincible Heart Traditions.

Deep inside Adalayah’s heart, she always knew there was a greater and Divine power available, and it took her ‘near death experience (NDE)’ and her over two decades living at a monastic ashram to discover exactly what this power was and what to do with it.

She reverse-engineered the way she created her own NDE so as to offer quantum solutions for living life fully, with great health, joy & love. She discovered that this powerful & pervasive place is equally available to all who seek it.

This work, called Invincible Heart Traditions; Creation Healing, The Souls Supreme Flight (CHSSF) and our newest form of training with her recently certified Coaches : “the IHT~Way”, has been cognized and brought to this planet by Adalayah. Entering the Absolute State of Creation know also as the Quantum Field, she gathers & delivers this work to her students and clients. "On the other side of fear, survival, pain and lack is a deeper love & greater joy than you have ever known or imagined! As one continues their engagement of the Creation Healers(CH), their tools, techniques and systems, you’ll experience ongoing and significant changes in your world. Many of Adalayah’s students & her brilliant troop of CH Healers proclaim that miracles are a daily event and something they are happily becoming accustomed to!" -- Adalayah For more information on Adalayah:

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